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2007-12-22 23:54:33 by fmafan1

Police Captain! yay!


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2007-12-23 04:05:32

Just remember that rank holds no more authority in the real world than a stripper's police badge.

fmafan1 responds:

...alas...too true... :)


2007-12-26 00:47:00

In that I still get my paycheck even though I lit that guy on fire thinking he was a drug dealer, boss?

Merry Christmas, by the way.

fmafan1 responds:

normally, you would be fired....BUT...since it's Christmas, i guess you get a bonus!


2007-12-26 21:39:15

I haven't blamed/saved anything in a while. But then again I decided not to waste my life on Newgrounds as much.

fmafan1 responds:

lol, ido all this while i do my homework and such!


2007-12-27 13:25:46

Congrats on that!

fmafan1 responds:

AND i got a bronze whistle! i am SUCH a geek! :D


2007-12-27 15:09:10

i'm a rookie i've just got to town watch but i know some day i'll get a higher rank

fmafan1 responds:

lol, just keep workin at it!


2007-12-27 22:04:32

...ok...(I hope he doesn't find out I ate all the donuts in the office and killed 50 people because I thought they were was I supposed to know they were only 11?)

fmafan1 responds:



2008-01-01 12:34:29

Doing well, young pattawon

fmafan1 responds:

i believe you mean "padawan" lol, but thank you, master xparadoxx.